About Volpe

We have assembled a unique team of investment professionals. Our focus has been on building
a highly technical team that can follow a well-structured investment process.

What we do

We plan to take advantage of the relatively young growth-investment market in the region to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

We are very patient; we believe value creation will materialize in the long term and that a company’s journey to success is non-linear. We can support our portfolio companies for years, sharing our network, past experiences and skills.

We can invest in companies in different cycles of their development stage. Once we meet the outstanding entrepreneurs behind the future Latin American disruptors, we do anything in our power to partner with them.

Why we do it

Latin America is our home, our opportunity, our future.

Our massive consumer market is home to over 650m people with high adoption of consumer technologies. Brazilians and Mexicans spend significant more hours online than US and European counterparts.

Despite the high online penetration, Latin America lags other markets in key aspects of the digital economy. The low productivity of many markets makes the region prone for disruption by a select group of tech leaders that is emerging.

We plan on taking advantage of the relatively young venture and growth market in the region to capitalize on those opportunities.


At all levels and across skillsets, we seek to hire the best in the market. In the nascent Latin American Venture Capital ecosystem, we believe we have assembled a highly technical team with a diverse background whose members can make meaningful contributions to the craft of investing and our portfolio companies.